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A website audit could uncover compromises that may go unnoticed by an initial site inspection. Lost visitor traffic equates to lost revenue and loss of trust. Allow us to help with Web Consulting, Pay-per-click monitoring, and Email Campaigns.


PC Drama

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Ideal Website



CONTENT AND DESIGN By providing purpose and content we can prevent unnecessary loss of valuable time. A web designer tasked with creating content will requ...

Block Click Fraud



GOOGLE ADS PAID SEARCHPaid search for ad targeting will produce more revenue when eliminating click fraud. As a preventative low-cost measure, I'll show how you...

Take a look at a few creations.

Number One Home Loans

Number One Home Loans


Home loan website with contact forms.

customized to attract people seeking loans.

Repair your hacked Wordpress site?

We will assess the damages

If your site is down and your last web developer is MIA; we can help manage or recover your website.

  • We will repair your site within 4-12 hours.
  • We have a very particular set of skills.
  • Our skills have been aquired over a very long career.
  • Lost files? In most cases, we offer data recovery for a flat rate of $250.
  • Short staffed?
    Let's discuss automating some jobs.
Distinctive Concrete Concepts

Distinctive Concrete Concepts


Repaired hacked wordpress site, then converted to Laravel

Epoxy Flooring site

The Bee Rescue

The Bee Rescue


Bee Removal Website for live bee removals.

provide free live local bee removal estimates quickly with our no hassle guarantee

PC Drama happens Allow us to deal with it.

Have PC Drama?

Send us the details of your issue or what happened when the PC drama first occurred. If your site is down and your last web developer is MIA; we can help manage or recover your website.

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