Name That Qr

  • Posted on July 28, 2023
  • Technology
  • By Russell Richardson

Tutorials for Custom iOS Shortcuts

The very idea of delving into the intricate world of iOS Shortcuts can be overwhelming or a daunting puzzle for the beginner 

Perhaps this shortcut is so simple that a tutorial would be unnecessary. If you have ever found yourself scratching your head over QR codes and wondered if they're worth your time, then maybe this shortcut is for you!

Name That Qr

Adding Subtext to Cryptic-Looking QR Codes Has Never Been Easier! Enhance your QR codes with text, captions, or witty remarks. Use your phone to engage your audience with creative content and leave a lasting impression.

Name that QR is a Simple IOS shortcut that I use to make QR codes with text, captions, or witty remarks.

  • Why would anyone want a shortcut if they haven't a clue as to why they need it?
  • What makes an IOS shortcut practical for everyday use?
  • Do you want to easily add subtext to a cryptic-looking QR code?

QR iOS Shortcut Tutorial

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